Sunday, January 13, 2008

Introduction to my blog


It is with great pleasure that I begin my official blog in Because it is my first, I thought I would take a bit of space to introduce myself and what I hope to share with you through this medium.

First off, my name is Brian Lee from Malaysia. I am the Ambassador of JT NGV, distributor and installer of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) conversion kit. Feel free to visit my website at on NGV related matters.

NGV stand for Natural Gas Vehicle. Natural Gas is an economic source than the other alternative such as bio-fuel & Hybrid car.

The objectives of this blog are:

  1. To speak from my own experience in how you can save petrol cost up to 70%.
  2. Disclose the benefits of NGV as your alternative fuel.
  3. Dispel some common myths that people hold about NGV.
  4. Up-front information about NGV industry.
  5. As a forum for every one to post their experience, questions and discuss about NGV related topics.